Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Two-step authentication
  • Cross-device synchronization
  • Autofill options
  • Electronic wallet management
  • Free option lacks many features of the premium version


  • Extremely hard to hack
  • Free trial
  • Flexible pricing plans for personal and business use
  • Electronic wallet security

Overall score


Password Boss is a great and advanced software for password management that will make your life much easier. It comes with some truly great functionalities, and it is available in several versions in order to address the needs of any potential user out there.



Sign Up Process

The signup process with pretty much all password managers is the same. Password Boss is not that different from any other option that is currently available on the market. It requires downloading an installation file and setting up the client locally.

The best way to pursue this is to download a desktop version and then give it a try. As soon as the installation process is done, you will have to create an account using your email address, and create a master password. This is the only password you will be needing after that, as the Password Boss will remember all of them and use them afterward, saving you a huge amount of time and reducing the hassle to the minimum.

After that, you can install it to various devices and put them in sync via the cloud synchronization option that is at your disposal with a Premium plan.

Membership Plans

The Password Boss is somewhat different than its competitors. It does provide a free plan that is ideally suited for a single user and a single device, but that one lacks a lot of features that are standard for any other password manager even in free membership option. The best example for that is the fact that the autofill option is unavailable in free subscription in this case. Luckily, there is a full month of free premium membership as a trial available, so you will have time to evaluate whether the Password Boss is what you actually need or not.

Premium subscription brings a myriad of features that are really handy and extremely reliable. This option is exactly what you require as it will give you the option to not only fully manage every aspect of data security on the internet, but it will also come at a very decent price of just $2 per month when paid yearly. It also allows multiple devices based on multiple technologies, and it puts them all in sync. It means that the password used once on any device will be instantly available on all devices you are using.

Finally, there are 2 options for business users, and they differ in level of control you have over the employee’s accounts and the advanced features. Both of these packages are more than useful and the Password Boss already has a substantial customer base in this segment.


Password Boss in premium options brings a wide array of impressive features that will make your life much easier:

  • Simple installation across various devices
  • 2-Step authentication
  • Automatic password saving
  • Synchronization between various devices in the cloud
  • Electronic transactions security
  • Free trial
  • Fully compatible with all major operating systems and browsers
  • Business options designed for companies of all sizes
  • AES-256 encryption protocols
  • Extremely hard to hack

Device Compatibility

Compatibility is a strong side of the Password Boss. It works perfectly across various devices. It is achieved thanks to the fact that it is perfectly compatible with all major operating systems for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Additionally, it is perfectly compatible with all the major browsers out there. It means that you will face almost no issues no matter what your choices are when it comes to technology solutions you use.