Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Sensitive data security
  • Cross-device synchronization in the cloud
  • Autofill options
  • Very clean interface
  • Password update process is not fully automated
  • Autofill options have certain limitations


  • 2-step authentication
  • Free trial
  • Synchronization in the cloud
  • Secure storage option

Overall score


Keeper password manager is a very advanced software in the internet security segment. It brings some highly advanced features that will help you organize security protocols on all your accounts easily and almost effortlessly.



Sign Up Process

Signing up for this password manager is pretty much the same as with all similar products. Once you download the installation file, you need to let it install on your device and take the steps required to create an account.

It is best to use it on a desktop device for the first installation as it will allow you easy management and the best possible insight into the features it brings. During the signup process, you will have to create a master password, and that is the only one you will have to remember from that point on.

Although it is possible to recover lost master password with Keeper, it is far better just not to lose it as you will need it quite often and all your sensitive data will be protected by it.

The method for recovery is based on security question which is somewhat dubious as these security questions are usually easier to hack than the passwords. Still, this provides a layer of security in case you somehow manage to forget this one password that really matters, and that is not a standard feature with most of the password managers.

Membership Plans

There are 3 types of membership plans for the Keeper. The first and the basic one doesn’t cost a dime, but it is strictly limited to a single device. It lacks all the advanced features other two plans provide, and it is good only if you wish to keep everything on a single device.

Although the Keeper is somewhat pricey when you compare it to the lower segment of this niche, it is still reasonably priced and it is not overly expensive. The standard price for a Premium plan that includes up to 5 devices with the sync in cloud option is just $29.99 per annum, which is not too much.

There is also a Family plan that includes all the features of the Premium plan but also allows up to 5 users. The price for this option is $59.99 per year, and it also brings 10 Gb of secure storage.

Since the Keeper will give you a full month of free Premium trial, you will be able to evaluate whether you need this option or not.


Keeper is a very advanced password manager that brings some truly great features to the table:

  • 2-Step authentication
  • Easy installation across devices
  • Automatic saving of the passwords
  • Synchronization between various devices in the cloud
  • Option for getting secure storage for sensitive files
  • Fully compatible with all major operating systems and browsers
  • Free trial
  • The great and self-explanatory user interface

Devices Compatibility

Keeper is compatible with most of the major operating systems. It refers to both desktop and mobile options, so you should never face real issues in this department. Differently, from some other similar options, the compatibility here is impeccable.

The very same can be said about the compatibility with the major browsers. People from the Keeper did a really great job and the frustration related to the browsers that are not supported is virtually non-existent here. Additionally, a full month of free premium as a trial allows you to test it across all the devices you are using, so there can be no misunderstandings.